/ It is PUBLISHED in the CityGu.ru electronic edition

It is PUBLISHED in the CityGu.ru electronic edition

In Saratov Conservatory the premiere of the new program "Caravan of Stories" which Brandt Brass ensemble has presented together with Olga Kalugina (Moscow, a soprano) has taken place.

"Brandt of Brass ansambl" is the Saratov collective which musical career has begun since 2003, (the artistic director – Oleg Abramov). The ensemble bears a name of the famous German trumpeter Willie Brandt. The collective is engaged in execution of classical wind music and works of modern composers, in addition in ensemble there is always a place to experimental genres. On coverage of spectator audience, it has overstepped the limits of concert tours across Russia long ago. Concerts Brandt of the Brass ensemble went over with success in Spain, Germany, Shchveytsariya, Thailand, South Korea. Actors deservedly in different years gained recognition and awards at the international and All-Russian level.
The new program "Caravan of Stories" is submitted in common with the special guest – Olga Kalugina. The program, really, is a caravan of compositions and stories absolutely unlike at each other. But this variety with each work recovers imagination of the judge of a wind instrument, the caravan has rushed on composers of different eras, on different genres.
In the hall of conservatory Johann Pachelbel's canon, the well-known works of composers Alexander Alyabyev, Giuseppe Verde, Paul Dezmond, Astor Piazzolla and Juan Tizol sounded. Also with big delight the auditorium applauded work of the emperor of the Sacred Roman Empire, the King of Hungary and the Czech Republic of the Archduke of Austria Joseph I. The ensemble has dared to experiment, and the listener could observe how the famous pieces of music submitted by ensemble and the soloist at the high performing and artistic level in the eyes changed.
That evening "caravan" has started on on a way from the jazz standard of Juan Tizol. The educated reader has understood at once about what standard there is a speech (for unfamiliar the hint: name of the same name). And the note of the same composition became a logical conclusion, "The caravan of stories" has finished the travel to heart of each guest of a concert and soon again to go to travel with modern fascinating stories.

Diana  Нasanova 


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